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Floating Electronics Option Brass Plate for XRAY X4 ('22-'24) (19g)

Our Optional Plate for the Floating Electronics Plate Set for XRAY X4 provides an additional weight option for users either wanting to balance heavy batteries, or just wanting to increase the overall weight on their Chassis.

The standard plate weights in at 13g, and this optional plate 19g. This provides an additional 7g of weight when replaced, or the optional plate can be stacked on top of the original weight to give a whopping 32g. Combined with the 12g weights in the set, you're able to achieve 44g of weight under your receiver and fan with this Optional Plate! 

This is just the plate and does not come with the weight, shims or mounting hardware. You can check out the full set HERE!

This optional plate is not available in a set, and should be purchased as an option if additional weight is required over the standard set.

It can also be attached on its own to the chassis directly via double sided tape, if you aren't fussed over the floating capabilities!