GeoCarbon Front Bumper Mount for Awesomatix A12

We're excited to introduce our GeoCarbon Front Bumper Mount for the Awesomatix A12! Manufactured from 2mm thick carbon fiber, it does a great job of securing the bumper in place on your A12!

The Plastic sleeves are a tight fit over the body post, and slide down to secure the bumper in place. These also work as a support for your bodyshell! You can add o-rings for increased height, or a body pin if running GT Bodies.

This ensures your bumper stays in place during races and crashes, and also allows it to be removed easily, free from messy tape.


  • Signature GeoCarbon Design with Smooth Chamfered Edges 
  • 3D Printed Supports lock the bumper down and also hold the body up
  • Allows easy removal without any messy tape
  • Designed, Printed and CNC Machined in Australia