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GeoCarbon Matte Setup Board V2

We're excited to release the successor to our super popular GeoCarbon Setup Board!

Our new setup board features gorgeous 5mm Thick 6K Twill Matte Carbon Finish, which looks amazing in your pit area! It's precision CNC machining with chamfered edges makes it very safe for handling and transport. It's design makes it less susceptible to being damaged in transit whilst maximising working space to set up your car!

It features a precision CNC machined logo, which contrasts great with the setup board, giving it a clear but raw look!

A massive feature of this board is the optional levelling (AVAILABLE SEPARATELY!) The board comes with a recessed shape on the underside for inserting the optional levelling feet. These feet screw straight in, and allow the board to be levelled from above! For those wanting to get their board nice and flat for maximum setup accuracy, this is the ultimate! There's also no need to disassemble them unless flying, and the board could be under high stress, in which case we recommend removing the threaded feet from the plastic (1 minute job).

The Levelling Feet Set is available HERE

We also increased the size from the previous version, the new V2 features a 320mm width and 395mm length, which allows plenty of room for 1/12th and 1/10th Onroad & Offroad! 

It comes in a black bubble packaging bag which can be re-used.

Note: Carbon Fiber features subtle fluctuations in it's surface due to it's nature, and is not as flat as glass. These variations are small and will not effect the accuracy in setting up your car.