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GeoCarbon Tweak Plate for 1/10th Onroad

Introducing our brand new GeoCarbon Tweak Plate for 1/10th Onroad! 

De-tweaking your chassis is an absolutely essential, and ongoing part of onroad racing. Having a flat chassis is crucial to balanced and consistent handling. Often a setup board is used, which requires the removal of tyres and has no access to the lower screws from underneath. This is a problem, and why we developed the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate!

The beauty of the GeoCarbon Tweak Plate, is that it can be used with the tires on, and also provides access to essential bulkhead and motor-mount screws. This allows you to keep the chassis flat or pinned down with a tweak stick whilst you tighten the lower screws, ensuring no tweak is introduced on the lower screws - which has never been possible until now! 

The GeoCarbon Tweak Plate can also double as a car stand. It features 5mm Thick Solid Carbon Fiber, with high quality feet and anti slip rubber pads to ensure it stays in place and stands the test of time! 

Keep your car flat and look great in the pits with our GeoCarbon Tweak Plate!

Suits all current Touring & Front Wheel Drive Cars on the market.