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Horizontal Rear Post Body Mount Pro - Extensions Only - Xtreme/Lens (Assorted Cars)

Extensions for our brand new Horizontal Rear Post Body Mount Pro!

These carbon fiber extensions attach to to our HRP Pro Mounts. They require the mounts for installation and are useless without the mounts. The mounts suit all cars and most bodies, all you need to do is select below which carbon extensions you would like to use with the mounts!

This includes 1 pair of extensions which will work for 1 body.

Simply choose the correct extensions for your car and body, and add to cart. If you wish to buy extensions for different bodies, just add the Xtreme ones to cart, come back and then add the Zoo ones to your cart. 

Choosing what HRP Body Mounting System is right for you

    Long (100-102mm post width): 39-48mm 

    • Suits Awesomatix A800R/A800MMX, Mugen MTC2 & 3 Racing Cero

    Short (100-102mm post width): 32-41mm 

    • Suits Xray T4'18-'21, Yokomo BD10, Infinity IF14

    Yokomo BD11 (106-107mm Post Width)

    • Suits Yokomo BD11, Yokomo BD12, Yokomo MS1.0 & IRIS ONE

    Xray X4 (112mm Post Width)

    • Suits XRAY X4, ARC R12, ARC R10

    Schumacher Mi8 (118-120mm Post Width):

    • Suits Schumacher Mi7/Mi8/Mi9/Destiny RX10SR3.0

    Compatible Bodies for the HRP System

    Due to the 1mm play in the body mounts, we require a different carbon extension depending on which body you run. Please select the correct type which corresponds to the body you run.


    • Suits Xtreme Twister & Twister Speciale, (Mach 1 and Redhawk must use the RCM-HRPP-M-R Adapter) and LensBodies bodies.