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Iris ONE V2 Suspension Arm Shock Mount Set (4pcs)

Introducing the Iris ONE V2 Suspension Arm Shock Mount Set - engineered for high-grip tracks to reduce car roll and improve damping characteristics. Upgrade your Iris ONE and stay ahead of the competition.

There are two variants for mounting the carbon plates:

Standard-Version: Turnbuckle mounting hole on the outside position on the arm. This can be used with the standard turnbuckle and ballcup.

Alternative-Version: Turnbuckle mounting hole on the inside position on the arm. Ballcup and turnbuckle have to be shortend in length. This variant is more progressive than the standard variant and even better for high-grip tracks.

Note: To install this set you will need either the 5mm Ball Connector (1x IRIS-84005 | Steel) or 5mm Ball Connector - Titanium (2x IRIS-84011 | Titanium). The balls are not included by Purpose, so everyone can choose his preffered material for the Ball Connector.