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Large Contact Brass "Ringed" Roll Center Shim Set - Assorted Sizes

We're excited to introduce our brand new Large Contact Brass "Ringed" Roll Center Shims!

It's important to choose the right roll centre shims for your touring car! Large contact shims allow more surface area between the screw and the shim, bracing the carbon and preventing unnecessary, expensive chassis breakages. Our shims feature an 8mm outer diameter (2mm larger than normal) which provides lots of extra support, as well as makes them easier to install and remove thanks to their larger surface area.

The shims also feature milled rings, to make it easy to identify the thickness!

The top of the shim is also machined down without anodising, we did this so that when you tighten the top ball, it doesn't damage any anodising and ruin the aesthetics of the shims. it also provides you with a perfectly flat surface to tighten your arms down onto!

These Black Anodised Brass shims add a great amount of weight at the lowest point of your car! 1.5mm Shims weight 2.5g for 4pcs, up to 4.5g for 4pcs of 3mm thick shims! If you need to get up to weight, these are a brilliant weight to do it while keeping it low! If you're after a lighter version, we also have 7075 Aluminium Sets available HERE

They come in 5 options:

  • 1.5mm (Pack of 4pcs) - One Ring
  • 2.0mm (Pack of 4) - Two Rings
  • 2.5mm (Pack of 4) - Two Deep Rings, one shallow ring
  • 3.0mm (Pack of 4) - Three Rings
  • Full Set of 4pcs each thickness (16pcs total) - Discounted!