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MR33 Awesomatix A800FX & FX Evo Bulkhead Weight Brass 90g

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New from MR33 is a Brass Bulkhead Weight Set for the Awesomatix A800FX or FX Evo. The set includes 4 individual pieces which get screwed on the front bulkhead pairwise (each pair with 1 screw). The set will line up directly under the differential and features 90g of overall weight. Compared to other, more forward mounted Bumper weights, it will create a little more aggressiveness to the front end of your Awesomatix A800FX or FX Evo front wheel drive car.

Content: Set of 4 Brass Weights incl. screws.

ATTENTION: Awesomatix have changed lower bulkheads roughly 2-4 weeks ago from Early September without informing. It is possible that if you have a very recent version of the kit that the weights won't fit correctly. We are sure to have a solution very soon for you. If you have purchased a kit outside of the past month (From Early September), then there should be no problems!