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MR33 Touring Car Bag 1:10


The MR33 touring car bag protects your valuable 1:10 racing car when transporting it to the racetrack, in the car, or in hand luggage on plane trips.

The bag is made of a very durable and dimensionally stable material and designed in the current MR33 SIGNATURE look.

Your 1:10 touring car fits perfectly in your bag with the body and tires installed, or even without it.
With the robust carrying handle, the bag always fits comfortably in the hand, and the red straps on the zippers make it easy to handle when opening and closing the bag  

There is an elastic band on the back of the bag to attach the bag to another piece of luggage (e.g. to the handle of a trolley suitcase). 
This is a very pleasant aspect, especially when traveling, and makes the MR33 touring car bag the perfect travel companion.
On the inside back of the lid there is also a practical mesh compartment for storing flat objects and documents. 

External dimensions : 47 x 25 x 12cm