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MR33 Threadlocker Medium 5g - Blue

MR33 Threadlocker Medium 5g - Blue

Screw locking varnish is an important companion in all areas of RC model making! Sometimes you need to apply some thread lock to screws to keep them securely in place. Especially due to the enormous vibrations in remote-controlled RC cars, screws can loosen at sensitive points, which usually leads to an unwanted failure in the race. 

By using screw locking paint you can improve your vehicle in the crucial areas and prevent unwanted failures in the race!

Pro tip:  "A small amount of threadlocker is often enough. If too much of it is used, the screws can often only be unscrewed using brute force. Damaged parts or broken screws can also result from using too much threadlocker. As always applies: It's the crowd that counts!"