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MR33 Tire Roller 1:10 Ride Touring Car Tires

The tire roller from MR33 is used to prepare your racing tires.
As you probably know, many drivers “roll” the new tires with a little pressure over the setup board before using them for the first time.
This process is used to "break" the superglue in places where too much tire glue may have been used.
You can also press the tire insert a little flatter by rolling, which increases the air (the distance) between the insert and the tire rubber.
If you simply use an Allen key or another tool for rolling, you will not be able to apply even pressure.
You then press exactly on the edge of the hole through which the wheel axle will later be inserted, and this can warp it - anything but perfect!

The 3D printed MR33 tire roller is the perfect solution.
It fits perfectly into the rim and creates even contact and pressure when rolling.
The hole in the rim is also not stressed and retains its original shape. 

Contents : 1 x MR33 tire roller for Ride rims (1:10 electric touring car)