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MXLR Awesomatix Caster Tool (4pcs)

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With the advanced suspension geometry of Awesomatix cars you can set caster, camber and toe by adjusting the turnbuckles.
With the help of a 1/10 scale setup system it's possible to visualize these values. 

To correctly set the caster of your Awesomatix TC you need our MXLR Awesomatix Caster Tools.
Just release the outer round head screw on top of the wheel hub (AM06), and slide in the Caster Tool. 
Now you are able to read and set the caster according to the scale of the used setup system.

Our Caster tools are machined from high quality black anodized aluminum with silver edges and laser engraved logo to underline our key philosophy. They will fit all Awesomatix TC cars beside the very first A700 model from 2011. 

Compatible with following 1/10 scale setup systems: 
- HUDY Aluminum 1/10 TC Setup System 
- G-FORCE Aluminum 1/10 TC Setup System 
- SKYRC Aluminum 1/10 TC Setup System 
- ARROWMAX Aluminum 1/10 TC Setup System (V2 & LE)

MAX-02-001 contains: 
4x MXLR Awesomatix Caster Tool

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