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MXLR Awesomatix D2 Damper Vac. Insert

MXLR - MAX-02-004 - Awesomatix D2 Damper Vac. Insert

Simple but useful and reliable tool for the re-build of Awesomatix D2 Dampers. 
With this Damper Vac. Insert you are able to put your Dampers in the Vacuum Unit to remove the air which is capsuled in your Damper housing and/or oil.

Compatible with all the popular "Damper Vacuum Units"

MAX-02-004 contains:
1x MXLR Awesomatix D2 Damper Vac. Insert.

Sidenote: Don't forget, this product is made by a 3D printer. It means you are able to see layers and lines from the material! We strive for the best quality our printers are able to deliver. Still you need to keep in mind that 3D printed parts are not the same standard as machined or molded products.