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MXLR Damper Check Adapter for Awesomatix A12

Data is important in any Racing class! Our MXLR Awesomatix A12 Damper Check Adapter will help you to check and compare the stiffness of your middle damper. 
It helps to ensure both sides are same/similar and gives the chance to compare the actual stiffness of dampers build with different oils. 

The Adapter is 3D printed and fits on "Diff Checkers" with 3mm output shafts like the SkyRC or Arrowmax checkers. 
Just slide the adapter on the shaft and secure it with the grub screw (not included) from the Diff Checker adapters.

Works with all Damper Rotor versions!

MAX-02-005 contains:
1x Awesomatix A12 Damper Check Adapter

Sidenote: Don't forget, this product is made by a 3D printer. It means you are able to see layers and lines from the material! We strive for the best quality our printers are able to deliver. Still you need to keep in mind that 3D printed parts are not the same standard as machined or molded products.