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MXLR Elastic Tire Glue

Elastic Tire Glue - MAX-10-001

You can't just use any CA glue for your tires. Glue isn't glue! There are big differences between formulas and the use of the wrong CA glue could lead to unnecessary trouble on and off the track.

Our MXLR Elastic Tire Glue stays elastic and offers a phenomenal glue power! 
The best choice for gluing of your RC tires, as it doesn't stiff up the rubber-plastic combo as much as other glues.
Your tire game will be a lot more consistent and smoother, resulting in better performance on the track.

Also perfect for sidewall gluing of rubber AND foam tires! The tire itself keeps the ability to "work" as the sidewalls still can float/move, whilst the glue stays flexible and doesn't get bridle. 
The formula of the MXLR Elastic Tire Glue is specially made for rubber and rubber-plastic combinations.

Comes in a soft type plastic bottle for easy and sensitive application. The sealing cap features a little nozzle to secure the tip from clogging. Developed, produced and filled in Germany!

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