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MXLR FlexBumper Xpress AT1 / XQ2S / XQ10

The MXLR FlexBumper is 3D printed with thermoplastic polyurethane for the optimal strength and flexibility!

You may ask what are the advantages over foam bumpers? We can answer that:
- absorbs hits better and doesn't transfer them as much into the chassis structure
- more robust and sturdy
- it always goes back to original shape and don't drag on the floor after a crash
- improved style/optics :-)

Our MXLR FlexBumper for XPRESS AT1 / XQ2S / XQ10 matches the original footprint and has the same overall height!
It's a direct replacement for the kit foam. The MX logo on the front side is a proof of the originality.

Weight comparison:
MXLR FlexBumper = ~20g.
Original Kit Bumper = ~7g.

MAX-09-008 contains:
1x MXLR FlexBumper for XPRESS AT1 / XQ2S / XQ10

Sidenote: Don't forget, this product is made by a 3D printer. It means you are able to see layers and lines from the material! We strive for the best quality our printers are able to deliver. Still you need to keep in mind that 3D printed parts are not the same standard as machined or molded products.