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MXLR O-Ring Grease

O-Ring Grease - MAX-01-003

O-Rings and seals are known to get either hard and brittle after some time, or swell up and generate excessive friction when they are in contact with fluids (mostly silicone based oils). BUT there is a chance to keep the O-Rings / seals always in great shape! 

Together with a Germany special manufacturer for grease and oil we developed the MXLR O-Ring Grease.
It consists of well chosen high quality ingredients in a special mixture to protect the O-Rings / seals against swelling or shrinking. Additionally, our grease further reduces the friction and adds extra smoothness for the perfect operation of dampers and gear diffs.

Especially silicone O-Rings, like they are used in most shocks, are highly prone for swelling when they get in contact with silicone oil and need to be replaced regularly. By using the MXLR O-Ring Grease you will extend the lifetime drastically and further increase the performance of your vehicle, as the damping will stay more consistent for a longer time frame! 

Just dip the seals into the grease and make sure all surfaces are covered before the installation -->  that's how easy it is to level up the performance.

It comes in a clear 5g. container which keeps the grease clean and in perfect condition during storage in your RC bags.
Additional tip: Once the grease is empty, the container is great to store small parts like screw, clips or pins :-)