Pro Body Decal Set for 1/8th Onroad (Assorted Colours)


Introducing our brand new Pre-cut Premium Pro Body Decal Sheets for 1/8th Onroad.

Having a nice looking body has been expensive and time consuming, until now! Simply paint your body from the inside as usual, with your desired base colour. Apply our Pro Decal Set on the outside and cut the excess overhang off the wheel arches, and you've got a professional looking scheme in minutes! Our stickers can be applied before or after cutting the body out, whatever you find easiest.

Our Pro Decal Set contains bonnet and sides, as well as stylish headlights. You'll also get some RC MAKER stickers to set off your scheme! The installed set only weighs around 9g, no heavier than a full custom paint job!

With 8 cool colour schemes to choose from, you can select your favourite! 

Our decals are 100% Designed and Manufactured in Australia, boasting vibrant colours and perfect printing and cutting. They fit all 1/8th Onroad Pan Car and GT Bodies, so you can do up your fleet in matching schemes!

No more one colour rattle-can jobs, get that pro look on track with our Pro Decal Sets!


  • Fits all 1/8 Pan Car and GT Bodies
  • Paint any base colour under the decals
  • Takes only minutes to apply
  • 8 Vibrant colour schemes to choose from
  • Lightweight at only 9g for the set
  • Pre-Cut for easy application
  • 100% designed and manufactured in Australia

Colour List:

  • Top Row: Blue, Gray, Red, Orange
  • Bottom Row: Green/Yellow, Blue/Yellow, Pink/Purple, Blue/Gold