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Revolution Design Titanium Servo Mounting Screw (4pcs)

Revolution Design 3x6mm Titanium Servo Mounting Screws are ideal for competition level kits, when space is at a premium and servo washers can't be used. These grade 5 titanium servo mounting screws feature a low-profile head that does not take up a lot of room, with a 3.9mm shaft diameter that is just about perfect for most servo lugs. With a thread length of 4mm, there is enough material to ensure a secure fit in a variety of servo mount types.

  • 4 pieces included
  • Precise mounting hardware for proper servo installation
  • Light, compact and durable
  • Grade 5 titanium for maximum durability
  • 3.9 mm shaft diameter, 4 mm thread length
  • Fits almost every servo on the market