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RUDDOG Racing RP542 17.5T 540 Stock Sensored Brushless Motor

Next in the competition-oriented line of RUDDOG Racing products is the new RP542 range of high-performance brushless motors. After many hours of testing, research and development, many evolutionary steps have been made in many fields. Stack design has been revised to improve driveability, and a new high-precision sensor is used to increase performance and efficiency. The RUDDOG design team has gone to lengths to lower operational temperature. Large openings in the housing lower the overall weight of the RP542 motors and ensure optimum air flow, while a ribbed stator collector ring is used to improve heat dissipation. Rotors are optimized for their respective field of application. Modified motors come with a 12.1 mm x 5 mm x 24.5 mm rotor, while stock motors are equipped with a 12.5 mm x 7.15 mm x25.8 mm rotor.


Turn Rating: 17.5 Turns
Dimensions: 35.9x51.6mm
Weight: 146g
Ball Bearing Type: High Quality Steel Bearings
Spare Part Ball Bearings: RP-0148 RP540 Ball Bearing Set
Rotor: RP-0435 RUDDOG Racing RP541 | RP541 12.5x7.15x25.8mm Stock Rotor


  • RUDDOG Racing competition motors
  • All-new stack design for improved driveability
  • High-precision sensor unit
  • Light-weight motor housing with large openings for increased air flow
  • Ribbed stator collector ring for better heat dissipation
  • Specific rotors for modified and stock racing
  • Clearly visible motor winding number