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Servo Wire Route for Right Sided Servo Frontie (Brass - 10g)

Our new Servo Wire Routes for Right Sided Servo Frontie are a basic but handy part for your Frontie Car!

They attach with double sided tape to the back of all flat backed servos and shield your servo wire from the battery and guide it down below the belt! This protects the wire, and your servo from the harsh movement of the battery, whilst guiding it down below the belt, as well as keeping things looking neat and tidy!

This brass version weights in at 10.7 grams and is a great way to add weight to achieve perfect balance!

This will work great for the following Frontie's:

  • XRAY X4F, X4F'23, X4F'24
  • ARC R11F, A10MF
  • Destiny RX10F 3.0
  • Any other right sided servo FF car