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SlimFlex 1.6mm Carbon Topdeck "TYPE 2" for Yokomo MS1.0

 Introducing our SlimFlex 1.6mm Carbon Topdeck "TYPE 2" for Yokomo MS1.0

Based off the proven design of our exceptionally popular BD12 Topdeck, our follow up topdecks improves the handling of your MS1.0! 

We now have two topdeck options available, and due to the front and rear being the same length, we are now selling them individually, so you can mix and match types on front and rear, and also purchase separately to cut tabs and try different flex settings.

TYPE 1- This style is more commonly used in the front, however on cars such as the Mugen MTC2R, it is common to use this style on front and rear. It extends the amount of material which increases flex across the whole topdeck, which is desirable on the shorter MS1.0 Topdecks. Whilst we suggest starting with this type at the front, it can also be used in the rear to get more flex and more rotation if suffering from understeer.

TYPE 2 - This style is more commonly used in the rear, due to having less flex and a shorter amount of material. It also features the "squiggle" brace which reduces bulkhead flex which is often desirable in the rear. In high traction conditions, this topdeck can also perform very well at the front too, as it stiffens the caster and bulkhead flex, giving a more predictable and round car in the corners.

The topdeck features 2 pivot screw positions in each for adding or removing flex (1 screw soft, 2 screws hard), which is a great way to tune the overall amount of flex in the front or rear of the car. The topdecks also feature "cuttable" tabs, which can shift the flex point forwards or backwards. Cutting the tabs will increase the flex of the car where cut.

  • Asphalt or low grip carpet, cutting one or both front tabs depending on the desired amount of steering (more cuts = more steering). However too much flex here could make the car hard to drive, so cut the tabs one at a time.
  • On Med/High traction carpet tracks or very high traction asphalt, it could be desirable to leave all tabs in place to stiffen the car and make it easier to drive on the high grip.

Our SlimFlex topdecks are precision CNC Machined in house in Australia from high quality 3K Carbon Fibre. They come with 1x Precision Machined Topdeck Screws which can be used to mount the front and rear topdeck (1 each). For additional flex tuning options and spares, you can grab the screws on their own HERE.

We also have a 1.6mm Option Available HERE for Low Grip Asphalt & Carpet (paired with Alu Chassis)