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SlimFlex 1 Piece 1.6mm Topdeck for XRAY X4

Introducing our brand new SlimFlex 1 Piece 1.6mm Topdeck for the XRAY X4!

The SlimFlex 1pc is the most conventional topdeck style for mid motor touring cars. Offering extensive front flex due to the split design to go around the belt, it shifts the flex point forward substantially, making the car more aggressive. The SlimFlex 1 Piece provides a nice alternative to the standard XRAY X4 Topdeck, with the double sided design allowing more front flex, shining on tracks where fast direction change is required, with many tight hairpins and chicanes. 

The topdeck has been optimised for all classes, allowing even the biggest of pinions to be used, thanks to the right side of the topdeck being joined further backwards, behind the peak of the pinion.

We have included two flex screw holes, and the bearing cutout for a great range of flex options. The topdeck attaches to the motor-mount via the standard XRAY motor-mount screws, which allow the topdeck to pivot on top of the motor-mount.

The rear of the topdeck features our signature flex dampener brace, which allows a medium flex between the bulkheads and from testing has proven to provide the best balance of traction and rotation. The rear also features flex tags which can be cut, in order to further increase the flex of the topdeck at the rear, adjusting the balance of the car.  

Between these SlimFlex 1pc, our CentraFlex 1pc and SlimFlex 2pc Topdecks, you'll be covered for any track or condition!

This 1.6mm Topdeck is best suited to Low Traction Asphalt racing with a carbon chassis, or Low-Med Traction Carpet/High Traction Asphalt with an Alu Chassis.


  • Increased steering and direction change, particularly helpful on small tight tracks
  • Direct fit onto XRAY X4 with standard screws and bearings
  • CNC Machined in-house from high quality Carbon Fiber


1x SlimFlex 1.6mm Carbon Topdeck