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SlimFlex 2.0mm 1 Piece Topdeck for Mugen MTC2R

Introducing our brand new SlimFlex 1 Piece Topdeck for the Mugen MTC2R! 

Our SlimFlex Topdeck range has been used be countless drivers around the world on asphalt, ETS Carpet and CRC Black Carpet with great success, and has become the most commonly used optional upper deck in the world! 

Our new SlimFlex Topdeck Set for the Mugen MTC2R features a narrow and optimised flex profile for great natural flex characteristics and adjustment! It's dual sided traditional style design provides a very forward bias flex point, making the car aggressive. This can be very beneficial on smaller tracks with fast direction changes!

The topdeck features two fixed pivot holes, and a pivot slot, for increased flex.It use the standard motormount/topdeck screws, included in the MTC2R kit. 

Available in 2mm and 1.6mm variants

1.6mm - Low Grip Asphalt with Carbon Chassis, Low-Medium Grip Carpet with Alu Chassis or High Grip Asphalt with Alu Chassis.

2.0mm - Medium-High Grip Asphalt with Carbon Chassis, Medium-High Grip Carpet with Alu Chassis or Very High Grip Asphalt with Alu Chassis.


  • 1x SlimFlex 1 Piece Carbon Topdeck (2.0mm)