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SlimFlex 2.2mm Carbon Chassis for Awesomatix A800R

Introducing our brand new SlimFlex Carbon Chassis for Awesomatix A800R!

The New Awesomatix A800R features a uniquely shaped chassis which provides a lot of ground clearance and roll. It is also very symmetrical front and rear. From our testing, we have found a wider rear profile than front to provide a front bias flex point, which provides great response with very confidence inspiring stability. The sides of our new SlimFlex chassis are narrow but straight, with a nice conventional, yet narrow profile front and rear. This has proven an improvement over the standard chassis, resulting in a more nimble front end initially, with great corner speed and predictability from the rear end.

As always with our SlimFlex chassis, the diff and spool pockets have been recessed and not cut through. This provides better aerodynamics, keeps the pulleys cleaner from debris picked up off the track, and also removes some unwanted flex between the bulkheads.

All of these features combined bring you a chassis which we believe provides more initial steering and corner speed, whilst making keeping the car easy to drive and stable in the rear!

Our chassis are precision CNC Cut and Countersunk in house in Australia from high quality 3K 2.2mm carbon. 


  • Standard weave carbon for majority of asphalt conditions, and low traction carpet.
  • Modified profile for reduced roll, increased initial response and corner speed
  • Recessed diff and spool cutouts for optimum bulkhead flex and aerodynamics
  • Precision CNC Machined in Australia from High Quality 3K 2.2mm Carbon Fiber