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SlimFlex 2.2mm HARD Carbon Chassis for Awesomatix A800MMX

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Introducing our brand new HARD Carbon Chassis for Awesomatix A800MMX!

This particular HARD version chassis features a significantly stiffer weave of carbon, which reduces the flex greatly. The flex of this carbon chassis fills a large void between a standard carbon chassis and an aluminium chassis, making it the optimum choice for med-high traction asphalt, and low-med traction carpet! Often track conditions can cause the need for an "in between" option, where an aluminium chassis is too stiff and makes the car too easy to drive and slower, and a carbon chassis is too aggressive or difficult to drive to be consistent. The stiff carbon chassis is the perfect middle ground! 

This chassis features an altered profile compared to our Standard SlimFlex Chassis. The HARD version features a slightly wider profile with widened battery mounting holes back to the standard position so BW22 and BW52 Brass Battery Weights can now be used! 

The very front and rear of the chassis have been narrowed thanks to removal of the additional holes for "short arms" which are not often used anymore. Removing this material reduces scrubbing in the major spots on the chassis under chassis roll. 

One major change on the SlimFlex chassis is the removal of the "through" spool and diff cutouts. We have pocketed these only 1mm deep, which provides a much more rigid front and rear. This directs the flex back the the centre of the chassis for more consistent handling. Many setups now are without the front C26 brace on the bulkheads, leading to excessive bulkhead flex, giving more steering but also making the car inconsistent. Thanks to the pocketed cutouts, there is now significant less horizontal flex between the bulkheads, so you can run without the C26 brace and not get as much flex in the bulkheads on the horizontal axis, but maintain the "caster flex" to increase steering. As well as this, the pocketed cutouts also improve aerodynamics by not allowing as much air up into the chassis, which ultimately improves the downforce.

Finally, the chassis profile has been slightly modified to move the overall flex point of the chassis forward. Featuring a standard width profile in the middle-rear section and narrower profile in the middle-front section than the standard chassis, providing the car with more steering, which is very often required on asphalt tracks! To add increased rigidity to an often hard wearing part of the chassis, the very rear has been extended by 0.5mm to prevent the chassis holes or surface becoming fragile and breaking under high wear.

All of these features combined bring you a chassis which we believe provides more steering and corner speed, whilst making keeping the car easy to drive and stable.

Our chassis are precision cut and countersunk on our CNC machine, in house in Australia from high quality 3K 2.2mm carbon. 


  • Hard Weave Carbon for reduced flex providing a perfect middle ground for Med-High Traction Asphalt and Low-Med Traction Carpet
  • Widened Battery Mounts to accept BW52 and BW22 Battery Weights
  • Significantly reduced footprint for less scrubbing and more corner speed
  • Recessed diff and spool cutouts for optimum flex and aerodynamics
  • Removed uncommonly used "short arm" holes from chassis for increased strength and allowing narrower footprint
  • Precision CNC Machined in Australia from High Quality 3K 2.2mm Carbon Fiber