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Volante V9X Evolution 28R Premium Pre-Glued Tire Set - Spoked Rim (4)

The latest version of Volante Tire is here! After the disappointment of the longevity and traction of the V8, we knew we had to find a better solution. After months and months of testing at tracks around the world, we believe we now have one of the best tires on the market in the V9X!

With a great balance of traction and longevity, the aim of the V9X was to provide a consistent tire which suited club racing and event control tires. Many of the latest evolution of tires on the market today have peeling problems requiring gluing after every run, but not the V9X! With reinforced sidewalls and great gluing, it's set and forget.... just like the old days!

The 28R Compound is great for cool conditions and for slower classes.

Give them a try for yourself, we're sure you won't be disappointed. 

Includes: 4x Spoked Rim Pre Glued V9XE 28R Tires.