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Rear Bulkhead Stiffener Shim Plate for Yokomo BD11/BD12

Introducing our brand new Rear Bulkhead Stiffener Shim Plate for the Yokomo BD11 & BD12

This shim plate is manufactured from nylon at a very specific thickness to slide inside the gap made in the rear bulkheads that allows large amounts of flex. Whilst this flex can be removed by replacing orings with shims, it is time consuming and doesn't remove the front to back flex as well.

Our shim plate can be installed and removed in seconds to provide quick tuning to the rear bulkhead flex. It simply slides into the gap and presses into place. When this is installed the bulkhead will become fixed like traditionally. 

The fixing of these bulkheads could be advantageous in many conditions where increased rigidity in the rear of the car will increase drive traction and confidence in the rear. 


  • High Quality PLA Material at optimal thickness
  • Can be removed and installed in seconds with 1.5mm driver without disassembling anything
  • Super lightweight
  • Provides rigidity to the rear bulkheads improving drive traction and rear confidence
  • Manufactured in Australia