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3D Pro Carbon Ultra-Lite Wing Mount & Anti-Tuck Stiffener Set for 1/10th EP Onroad

Introducing our 3D Pro Carbon Ultra-Lite Wing Mount & Anti-Tuck Stiffener Set for 1/10th EP Onroad!

How good is hard close racing... until you get a body tuck. Make body tucks a thing of the past with our new lightweight, durable solution! 

These rear fender stiffeners combine very thin carbon rods with the latest 3D Printing technology to provide a feather weight of only 2g each! They also act to strengthen your wing struts and also as a nut to attach your wing. Simply drill your wing holes at the same position as the mounts, and attach your wing!

These are particularly handy these days with lighter bodies, and bodies being mounted further forward which leaves such a small amount of material behind the rear wheel arch. This material is often very flexible and can very easily get tucked up under the rear wheel. 

The plastic parts are printed at a very high resolution and with some of the highest quality filaments on the market to make them fit for the task. They filament provides great ductility and strength when printed on our industrial grade printers.

The stiffener set comes pre-assembled and includes all mounting hardware for installation, except the wing mounting screws. We recommend using screws with an 8mm length and didnt supply them as many people like to use their own fancy screws! The supplied M3x5 Alloy screws are great to keep the weight down and attach the Anti-tuck to behind the rear wheel arch.

They work with all Zoo Racing Bodies, as well as Xtreme Twisters and Brutale (Not Mach 1), Blitz and the new Protoform P63.

They can be used with Vertical or Horizontal Rear Posts, however if you are using our Horizontal Rear Post Body Mounts Lite, make sure you pick up these instead! 

Installation instructions attached in photos


  • Ultra lightweight at only 2g each side 
  • Significantly increased stiffness of the lexan behind the rear wheel arch to prevent body tucks
  • Fits all popular bodies on the market,  as well as vertical and horizontal rear body posts
  • High quality 3D Printed parts with Carbon Fibre rod construction
  • Pre-assembled and includes all required hardware for fitment
  • Tested for both performance and durability by our team drivers