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Brass LCG Rear Chassis Weights for Awesomatix A800R (6.7g ea)

Introducing our brand new LCG Rear Chassis Weights for the Awesomatix A800R

Our new Rear Chassis weights have been designed to fit seamlessly into the rear of the A800R. Adding 6.7g each side, they are an excellent way to fine tune the weight balance of your A800R They are non adjustable due to space restrictions!

These weights can be used with the Floating ESC Plates, simply replace the brass top nut with this weight and insert. They also fit nicely next to our Centre Stiffener Weight for the A800R Available HERE!

The pair also include 0.5mm Black Aluminium shims for shimming the weight off the chassis to increase flex. The weights can be screwed directly to the chassis without any shim to reduce flex.


  • Sits as close to the chassis as possible for LCG
  • CNC Machined, laser engraved high quality brass
  • Includes shims to allow flex adjustment on or off the chassis
  • Manufactured 100% in Australia


  • 2x Precision Machined Brass Weights (6.5g ea)
  • 2x 0.5mm Black AluminiumShims for spacing off chassis