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Carbon Short Wheelbase Arm Pair for Awesomatix A800MMX/A800FX (+7mm)

Introducing our brand new short wheelbase arms for the Awesomatix A800MMX & A800FX! These were first developed over a year ago, and through several profile tests after feedback from numerous team drivers around the world, we have settled on the final design!

Firstly, these arms feature a larger profile than the kit arms to increase the rigidity of the arm. They also feature a carbon rib which further increases the stiffness of the arm at the point of shock attachment. This creates less twisting of the arm and reduces unwanted inputs into the shock absorbers due to arm flex. In our testing these arms increased corner speed by reducing the flex and grip the arm was generating, which made the car more free in the corner. 

Once the profile of the arm was decided, we wanted to see if we could optimise the position of the hub. Throughout studies of on track performance and other brands on the market, we noticed that the front wheelbase of the A800MMX in particular was quite long with no adjustment possible, without changing front caster. Generally speaking, we have found the car to lack initial and mid corner rotation inherently, which all-in-all led us to try a shorter front wheelbase.

The shorter wheelbase certainly improved the cars response and rotation at low speed. This was particularly noticeable on tighter, more technical tracks, and less on big flowing tracks. 

We settled on a -1mm shorter arm, which shifted the front wheelbase back 1mm. Since short rear wheelbase (negative rear caster) on the Awesomatix is so commonly used, we figured we could use these same arms on the back of the car to achieve the same result, without having to use as much rear caster. This reduced the amount of arms you'd need to keep in your parts box, as well as reducing the need for as much rear caster, which was a win in our books! 

In conclusion, the arms were a great tuning option which we found improved the cars corner speed, response and rotation particularly on tight technical tracks, when used in both front and rear. 

This pair includes a +7mm left and right arm, which can be used both front and rear. The are CNC Machined with engraved length and offset for easy identification.

Tip: When used on the rear, 0 deg caster is now the same as -2 with kit arms. So if you were using -2 before, you should now use 0, if -4 before then you can now use -2 to achieve the same wheelbase. Just mind the shims on your rear toe links, as these may need to be slightly adjusted for the different caster setting.

Installation Tip: When installing, ensure you loosen and re-set the position of the dampers. Due to the slightly shifted wheelbase the damper rods will sit slightly differently, and thus its a good idea to re-set the damper assembly's position.