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GeoCarbon Bumper Plate w/Stopper for Xray T4'20/'21

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Our brand new GeoCarbon Bumper Plate w/Stopper for Xray T4'20/'21 sports a stylish, stealth and innovative design. The T4'20 doesn't come with and front bumper support, which is seen on most touring cars these days. This support contacts the bulkheads and prevents impacts from snapping the main chassis and are very important!

Our design integrates the stopper under the main bumper plate, lining up with the bearing mounts on the front bulkheads. In the event of a crash, the force will be transferred through this and keep the chassis in tact, with minimal effect on the bulkheads. The brace recesses over the small bumper posts enabling it to get low enough to align with the bulkhead. When tightening the upper plate, it clamps the whole assembly down tightly.

Upon resting, there is a 0.2mm gap between the bulkheads and this support, to prevent any rubbing and tweaking. This support will only be active in a crash! This provides the optimal solution to keeping your chassis on your brand new T4 safe, whilst looking great at the same time!

Our new Bumper Plate also features three sets of holes, allowing you to adjust the bodyshell forwards and backwards as seen on the standard plates. The integrated stopper does not move, it will be in the same place regardless of the body post position! Unlike other stoppers, ours can also stay in place when removing the front anti-roll bar!


  • Stylish GeoCarbon CNC Machined design 
  • Integrated bumper support to protect your chassis
  • Adjustable Body Post position as featured in the kit design
  • Does not need to be removed to remove the anti-roll bar unlike other brands
  • Direct replacement for standard upper bumper, no modifications necessary
  • Made 100% in Australia