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GeoCarbon Car Stand Arrowmax Tire Warmer Mounts

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These 3D Printed Mounts allow the Arrowmax Tire Warmers to be mounted inside our brand new GeoCarbon Car Stand for 1/10th & 1/12th Onroad! 

Warming your tires is much easier when they're part of a car stand, simply turn the warmers on, sit your car on top and place the cups on the tires! If you still want to use the car stand for working on your car, you can simply unplug the warmer cups and power cable, and you have a normal stand with no wires. 

You can also still use the original Arrowmax Warmer Case even when the warmer is installed in the car stand, just remove the foam and all the components will fit directly into the case with ease. 


  • "Builds-in" the warmers into your GeoCarbon Car Stand
  • Supports the car while warming, all in one place taking up less room
  • Fits seamlessly back into the Arrowmax Warmer Case (without foam)
  • Super easy installation in minutes and can be removed at any time
  • High Quality and Durable 3D Printed Material that simple slides over the warmers without damaging them. 
  • Includes all mounting hardware to attach to car stand