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Heavy Duty Upper Bulkhead Brace Set for XRAY X4 (2mm)

Introducing our Heavy Duty Upper Bulkhead Brace Set for the XRAY X4!

With the upper bulkheads being a weaker point of the X4, we decided to give them some rigidity, to help them stay straight in a crash and keep you on the track and gunning for PB's!

Whether you have the original, or beefier upgraded bulkheads, these are a great way to give them the support they need, without effecting the flex or handling of your chassis. They're also only 0.5g each in weight, so have a negligible effect on your CG.

The 2mm thick carbon braces are directional, and screw in underneath the upper bulkhead. This is great because they clamp down directly under the upper bulkhead, meaning more contact to the bulkhead, keeping them as stiff as possible. The brace is then held in place with 3x8mm Countersunk Screws (not provided) which leaves it with a clean, minimal finish. 

Due to the thickness, these 2mm Bulkhead Braces can be run in the following scenarios:

  • High AND Low Diffs with Ball Bearing Driveshafts
  • Low Diff ONLY with Standard Blade Driveshafts

To clarify: These braces will not work with standard driveshaft blades when the diff is set in the high position. This is due to the clearance between the blade and the brace being too tight when using high diffs. However, we developed these as we know many people only use low diffs, and many people also run the ball bearing conversion so are able to use both low and high diff settings! If that's you, then you're in luck! You can mount these Heavy Duty Braces to make Upper Bulkhead Bending a thing of the past! 

If you're using blade driveshafts and want to run high and low diffs, then don't worry - we've got you covered with our Upper Bulkhead Brace Set for X4 (1mm). They aren't quite as solid, but will still provide great protection from nasty hits!


  • Significantly increased durability on the upper bulkheads (V1 & V2)
  • "Under bulkhead" design for minimal, aesethic appearance 
  • Countersunk screw holes for clean finish 
  • Can be used with high and low diffs with ball bearings, or low diffs only with blades
  • Fit Front and Rear, Left and Right (all the same)
  • No effect on chassis performance or handling
  • 2mm Carbon for maximum strength
  • Only 0.5g each brace


  • 4x 2mm Thick Heavy Duty Upper Bulkhead Braces