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LCG Floating Receiver/ Fan Plate Set for Mugen MTC2/R - Brass

Introducing our brand new Floating Electronics Weight Plate Set for the Mugen MTC2!

Put your weight where it's needed most, to get your car up to he minimum weight and balanced! The set includes a carbon shim which floats it 0.5mm off the chassis, meaning the plate itself has minimal to no impact on the flex of the chassis. On top of the plate, we have 12g of brass weight to secure it in place. The plate attaches to the Fan Mount hole on the chassis, located in front of the motor.

The plate itself is 1mm thick, the set coming in at 26g is a brilliant way to meet the limit, balance your car and have no impact on the flex characteristics of the chassis at the same time! 

Another added bonus, is you can change chassis or clean your car, and simply remove your RX, Transponder and Fan simply by undoing one screw! No more annoying double sided tape. Simply tape your electronics to the plate, set and forget! 

If you are after more weight for your car, we have a 1.5mm Option Plate available weighing in at 21g which can either replace the 1mm plate to bring the overall weight up to 33g, or added to the 1mm plate to make a total of 2.5mm, bringing it all the way up to 47g for balancing those high capacity batteries!   

If you are after less weight for your car, you can look into the Floating Carbon Set, which provides floating capabilities but at a lot lower additional weight. 

On top of this, we also have our brilliant new Optional 3D Pro Direct Mount fan shrouds which will mount directly on top of the plate! This is a great way to mount your electronics and fan all in one, plus keeping your motor cooler with the added benefit of a fan shroud. When using the shrouds, you will remove the 12g weight from the kit, and replace it with the shroud. The shrouds weight in at 12g for 40mm and 10.5g for 30mm, so the overall weight of the set will be relatively unaffected by swapping out the weight for the shroud. 


  • Standard Kit: 26g
  • Standard Kit with 1mm Plate replaced with Option 1.5mm Plate: 33g
  • Standard Kit with 1.5mm Plate added on top of the standard 1mm Plate: 47g

Kit Includes: 

  • 1x 1mm Weight Plate 
  • 1x 3mm Brass Screw on Weight
  • 1x 0.5mm Floating Plate Shim
  • 1x M3x5 Countersunk Gold Plated Stainless Screw

Options Sold Separately:

  • 3D Pro Direct Mount Fan Shroud (30mm or 40mm)
  • Optional 21g Brass Weight Plate