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MR33 Body Stiffener for 1/10 EP Onroad

The MR33 body stiffener is the perfect solution for laterally stiffening touring car bodies.
Especially when using light 0.4 or 0.5mm bodies, a body reinforcement has become a MUST HAVE.
Especially on outdoor routes, the vehicles are often exposed to strong winds or heavy bumps.
The MR33 body stiffener prevents the body from "collapsing laterally".

The special thing about the MR33 body stiffener is the ultra-flexible material on the base middle part.
It adapts very easily to the original shape of the body roof when sticking, and prevents the original shape of the roof from being changed.
The stiffener can be attached to the sides of the body either with double-sided adhesive tape or with screws. 

Weight of the MR33 body stiffener : approx. 1.7g