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MXLR Anti-wear Grease

Anti-wear Grease - MAX-01-004

Drive train and suspension parts are under high stress in every RC vehicle, which means they face higher wear than most other parts. To further increase the durability, most of them are metal-to-metal connections. But without the correct lubrication, these tough materials will wear faster as you may think off!

Together with a Germany special manufacturer for grease and oil we developed the MXLR Anti-Wear Grease. It consists of well chosen high quality ingredients in a special mixture to reduce the wear of driveshaft and gears, or lets better say all metal-to-metal connections! It's high pressure resistant and sticky as hell, to stay in the right place! 

This is not "just another grease" as this special formula reduces the friction and wear even more than any other standard Anti-Wear grease! 

To increase the lifetime of your gearboxes, driveshafts or any other metal parts which are under high load, just apply some amount of the MXLR Anti-Wear Grease and enjoy the extra protection.
We recommend to service your vehicle regularly to keep it always in best shape! 

It comes in a clear 5g. container which keeps the grease clean and in perfect condition during storage in your RC bags.Additional tip: Once the grease is empty, the container is great to store small parts like screw, clips or pins :-) 

MAX-01-004 contains:
1x MXLR Anti-Wear Grease (5g)