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MXLR Carbon Body Reinforcement set

Carbon Body Reinforcement Set - MAX-05-005

Super thin and lightweight body shells are a trend since long time, as they drastically improve the handling. But there is also a downside with this flimsy Polycarbonate shells --> They deform under high speed or windy conditions, and the risk of a so called "Body Tuck" during intense racing action is just huge!
There were several attempts to fix the issue with 3D printed or thicker Polycarbonate stiffeners inside the bodyshell...
But all of them are rather heavy and influence the handling in a bad way, which removed the advantage of the "lightweight" shell. 

Our MXLR CBRS - Carbon Body Reinforcement set is the best option to prevent your body shell from unwanted deformation and body tucks! The carbon rods with 1.0mm diameter are very sturdy and ultra light! 
They come in 100mm length to be as multi functional as possible! You easily can cut them to the needed length for your needs. Weight of one piece 100x1.0mm carbon rod = 0,1g

Use the included B-7000 glue to fix/install the rods on the inside of your body shell. With the metal tip you are able to dose it very gentle even in narrow areas! Just a few drops are needed per rod. We recommend to let the glue dry for 6-12h to be fully hardened. Work with this glue only in well ventilated areas and avoid inhaling the fumes.

Example applications:
- stiff up the front lip of 1/12 body shells to stop the dragging on the ground at high speed.
- use as anti tuck in the rear of your body shell. Glue two pieces of the rod in the "fender/rear bumper".
In best way you create a "triangle" shape" like shown in the pictures below.
- use as stiffener for the hood of TC body shells. Glue one rod in longitudinal direction from the inside to the hood.
- use as stiffener for the window/roof area of TC shells. Glue one rod in longitudinal direction across the front windshield from the inside of the shell. 
- use as stiffener for the sidewall of body shells. Depending on the shape of the shell either in across or longitudinal

MAX-05-005 contains:
10x 100mm x 1.0mm Carbon Rod
1x B7000 Bodyshell / Multipurpose Glue 15ml

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