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MXLR Fan Holder for Awesomatix A12

This is the final version of the prototype Fan Holder which Max Mächler used to win the 2023 1/12 SPEC World Champion Title! The use of a 30mm Fan, powered by 6,0V from the Receiver, was definitely not a disadvantage! 

It's not easy to fit such a big and strong Fan into the A12 but using smaller than 30mm wasn't an option at all, as we don't like to sacrifice performance! At the worlds Max used a heavily modified Fan to clear with the bodyshell. After several more tests and versions we finally found a suitable way which doesn't require as much modification, if any at all! We moved the Fan more forward and mounted it way steeper on the holder. The key to still get a great air flow were the small side dams! 

The result by using our Fan Holder with a strong 30mm Fan at 6,0V is a much lower Motor temperature. 
Depending on the track layout and grip conditions, it reduces the temperature by 12-18 degree Celsius! 
This leads to the option of using more timing at the motor and/or longer rollout, which means more speed! 

Our MXLR Fan Holder is 3D printed with relatively durable material which is able to absorb impacts to a certain degree. So far, we didn't see any broken holders at all. But we say it again - in the end its 3D printed and not machined or molded, which means there are chances it can break!

It was our goal to design it as light and at the same time as strong as possible. Without Fan and screws it weighs only 2,6g. We recommend using M3x12mm Alloy screws (not included) for the installation of a 30mm Fan (not included).
TIP: Don't over tighten the screws, it's just plastic ;-)
The full assembly of the Fan Holder is around ~12g. depending on the actual Fan used.
For the installation on the side wings of the car you will need longer M3x12mm screws (not included).
Depending on your Battery type and used shims under the side wings of your A12, you may need some additional shims (not included) for height adjustment of the Fan Holder. When using the MXLR Fan Holder you eventually don't use the OR230 Battery O-Ring, as the Fan Holder itself secures the Battery.

Depending on the mounting position and the height setup of the bodyshell, the Fan should clear and don't touch the Polycarbonat. In our tests with the currently most used LMP shells like AMR, Ponente and M20 we performed only for  the M20 small modifications on the Fan by sanding the top edges. With GT style bodyshells there should be no issues at all.  

MAX-09-019 contains:
1x Fan Holder for Awesomatix A12