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Non Polarity Micro Capacitor for 1-3S ESC

We're excited to present the latest of our electronics, our Non Polarity Micro Capacitor! 

Suitable for all ESC's and applications, this tiny capacitor can replace your standard ESC Capacitor with a very tiny footprint! Being rectangular also makes mounting it incredibly easy, just tape it to wherever fits best. With no polarity, you don't need to worry about blowing it up, as no matter what way it's connected it will function correctly.

Note: This will NOT prevent you blowing up your ESC with reverse polarity, however in this case the capacitor 

The maximum voltage of this solid state capacitor is 16v, meaning it can easily handle most RC applications! It is rated at 2200uF, which is a very common value for a normal capacitor on most ESC's, but quite high for non polarity micro capacitors, thanks to it's electrolytic construction. 

It includes one capacitor and two black silicon wires. We have left them unsoldered so you can solder them on the angle you wish. When soldering, ensure minimal heat exposure and keep the tip away from the plastic casing. 

Suitable for all common ESC's such as Hobbywing, Muchmore, Maclan, Tekin, LRP, ORCA, Ruddog & more!