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Premium Ceramic/ABEC7 Bearing Set for Awesomatix A800MMX/R

RC MAKER Full Ceramic/ABEC7 Steel bearing set for the Awesomatix A800MMX/A800R

Our Premium Ceramic bearings are used in the centre driveline where forces are very low, as to minimize friction. The outer hub bearings are ABEC 7 Steel with extremely high tolerances, whilst also very free rolling, are a lot tougher and will much less prone to damage than full ceramic bearings. They also have less play than ceramic bearings, so are optimum for use in hubs.

Due to the AM06WL hubs on Awesomatix being aluminium, a lot of the forces are transferred directly to the bearing through vibrations and crashes, which is another reason to use the High Tolerance ABEC 7 Steel bearings there. 

The kit features 6 Ceramic Bearings for the centre, and front and rear pulleys, and 8 ABEC 7 High Tolerance Steel bearings for the hubs. We also recommend using Awesomatix AT15 between hub bearings for even greater longevity.