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Premium Ceramic/ABEC7 Bearing Set for Schumacher Mi8

RC MAKER Premium Ceramic/ABEC7 Steel bearing set for the Schumacher Mi8!

Using Ceramic for the drivetrain and ABEC7 Steel for the hubs gives the best balance of longevity and performance. The ABEC7 bearings have extremely tight tolerances and prevent "play and "notchiness" developing. This makes them a great, bullet proof option in the hubs of your Mi8 !

We use a very high tolerance, high strength steel bearing in the hubs, and weaker but slightly lighter and more free ceramic bearings in the centre drivetrain. This offers a great free rolling package, which also takes a hit! 

They're the type of bearings you buy and sell with the car! Don't mess around with sub par bearings. Choose better performance, less maintenance and less hassles for your Mi8! 

3/16 x 5/16 x 1/8″ Bearing X 1 (Layshaft – Not available in Ceramic)

3/16 x 5/16 x 1/8″ Flanged Bearing X 1 (Layshaft – Not available in Ceramic)

5x10x3mm Bearings X 2 (Wheels)

5x10x4mm Bearings X 6 (Wheels)

10x15x4mm Bearings X 4 (Diffs)