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Revolution Design M3x7mm Titanium Brushless Motor Mount Screws (2)


The Revolution Design Racing Products M3x7mm titanium brushless motor screws allow for easy and reliable mounting of 540-class motors in off-road and on-road kits. The screws are machined from high-quality titanium material that ensures an ultra low weight compared to standard steel screws while offering exceptional durability and high corrosion resistance. As a special feature the motor mount screws sport an integrated 8mm diameter shim that allows for easy motor mounting while the increased contact area ensures the motor will not move even in the most extreme racing conditions. The result is a more reliable gear mesh setting and less stress on the pinion and spur gear. The screws use a standard 2mm hex head ensuring no exotic tools are needed.



- Proprietary motor mounting screw

- Integrated shim enlarges contact patch for more secure motor mounting

- Machined from high-quality titanium material for high strength and corrosion resistance




- Material: High-quality titanium

- Dimensions: M3x7mm

- Head diameter: 8mm

- Usable with most 2WD buggies and trucks. For the use with 4WD buggies, trucks and on-road cars please check if the motor mount allows the use of 8mm diameter screw heads