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RUDDOG RC215AC Dual Channel LiPo Battery AC/DC Charger

The RUDDOG RC215AC is a versatile, easy to use AC/DC charger for radio control enthusiasts looking for high performance in a small package. The proven RC215 charger has been combined with an internal power supply and its features were tweaked to provide even more power. As with the DC model, the two-channel charger can be used to charge various battery types, including up to 6S LiPos. Each channel now offers up to 350 W, and the balancer current has gone up to 1000 mA. The USB-C port output was increased to 3.25A. When accommodating the additional space required by the power supply, the design was revised to make the display easier to read on the pit table.

Specifications & features:


  • Input voltage: 100-240V AC; 7-28VDC, max. 30A
  • Integrated 200W power supply
  • Battery type: LiHV/LiPo/LiIon 1-6S, NiMH 1-16S, Pb 1-10S
  • Charge power: 0.1-15A (max. 250W per channel in SYNC mode), 0.2-25A (max. 500W both channels combined in ASYNC mode)
  • Discharge power: 0.1-3A (max. 12W per channel), 0.1-15A (max. 250W per channel in Recycle mode)
  • Balance current: 1.000mA @2-6S
  • USB-C: 65W, 3.25A @ 20V
  • Dimensions: 127x106x57mm
  • Weight: 510g
  • LC display: IPS 3.5 inch 480x320 pixel
  • Wheel select button

Includes Australian Cable to connect to AC. To Connect to DC 12V Power Supply this cable is required HERE