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RUDDOG RR482 2.4GHz 4-Channel FHSS4 Receiver

The RUDDOG RR482 2.4GHz 4-Channel FHSS4 receiver is a Sanwa compatible receiver that works with all Sanwa remote controls with FHSS-4 and FHSS-3 transmission.

The RR482 has the same range of functions as you know from your Sanwa receivers and was used in advance for several months at numerous national and international events to test the function and compatibility in practice.

With the integrated antenna, dimensions of 23.6x18.6x28.3mm, a stable housing and the low price, it is the ideal choice for a small budget.

Sanwa compatible (M12, M17, MT44)
FHSS-4 and FHSS-3
SHR and SSR mode
Dimensions: 23.6x18.6x28.3mm
Weight: 7g