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SlimFlex 2.2mm Carbon Chassis for XRAY X4'24

Introducing our SlimFlex Carbon Chassis for the new XRAY X4'24!

The XRAY X4'24 sports a unique chassis design which is already very low profile. In this case we decided to work on the flex point of the chassis, ensuring we could optimise the flex, and also the rigidity of the chassis.

One major change on the SlimFlex chassis is the removal of the "through" spool and diff cutouts. We have pocketed these only 1mm deep, which provides a more rigid front and rear. This directs the flex back the the centre of the chassis for more consistent handling. The X4 has no shock towers to brace the bulkheads on the front, leading to excessive bulkhead flex, giving more steering but also making the car inconsistent. Thanks to the pocketed cutouts, there is now significant less horizontal flex between the bulkheads, so you can run without braces, or with thinner braces such as our Bulkhead Flex Dampener or Rigid Flex BraceAs well as this, the pocketed cutouts also improve aerodynamics by not allowing as much air up into the chassis, which ultimately improves the downforce.

The chassis profile has been modified to remove flex from around the bulkheads, and bring it towards the centre of the chassis. This results in a slightly stiffer, but more consistent car with improved response and corner speed. Check out the last image for an overlay on the standard chassis.

All of these features combined bring you a chassis which we believe provides more consistent car with improved response and corner speed. 

Our chassis are precision cut and countersunk on our CNC machine, in house in Australia from high quality 3K 2.2mm carbon. 


  • Optimised chassis profile for increased corner speed and response
  • Recessed diff and spool cutouts for optimum bulkhead flex and aerodynamics
  • Precision CNC Machined in Australia from High Quality 3K 2.2mm Carbon Fiber