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SlimFlex V2 1.6mm Carbon Twin Topdeck Set for Mugen MTC2

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Introducing our brand new SlimFlex V2 1.6mm Topdeck Set for the Mugen MTC2! 

Improvements made in our V2 Topdeck

  • Custom designed 3.5mm diameter topdeck motor-mount screws. This increases the material in the topdeck, making the flex characteristics of the topdeck more consistent and efficient and also strengthening the topdeck at the same time due to more material.
  • More flex options are now available thanks to the reduction in pivot screw size.
  • More bridges at the front of the topdeck which can be cut depending on desired flex characteristics to suit your high or low traction track. 
  • The topdeck has been able to be further narrowed around the pinion area without compromising strength to allow all pinion sizes and gear ratios to be catered for.
  • No requirement to use Mugen Screws, 2 of our specialist screws are included in the set, with more able to be purchased separately here to access more flex options and for spares.

With Mugen following Awesomatix's new evolution of flex technology to the market, we now have more adjustment than ever before. However, we believe changes must be made to the topdeck designs for this new system.

The Mugen MTC2 features the ability to mount two separate short topdecks, drastically reducing the leverage on the carbon. This means we need to make topdecks narrower and thinner than normal to achieve similar flex. 

We also must now note, that the flex of the topdecks front and rear is entirely symmetrical, so in order to achieve the optimum flex point, we need to use different flex settings front and rear to achieve optimum balance, which is to shift the flex point forward of centre.

Our SlimFlex topdeck has this built in. We have optimised the profile of the topdeck such that the flex point is shifted forward to provide the perfect forward bias flex point without having to cut any braces from the beginning.

We have reduced the width of the main struts of the topdeck front and rear, to provide more flex overall throughout the whole length of the topdeck, to provide more consistent flex than a very cut "tweezer" style topdeck. The rear also has our signature flex brace, which allows a medium amount of flex across the rear bulkheads, and has proven to be very successful on a very large number of tracks and conditions across many different brands of chassis! 

As well as this, we have narrowed the topdeck in the centre, to allow for the use of bigger pinion gears. This provides additional clearance over the standard Mugen Topdecks, and allows all gear ratios to be used.

We also have provided two additional holes in the rear and one in the front which give you the ability to reduce the flex at the end of the car by inserting additional screws (Additional screws sold separately here), which allows the topdeck to be stiffened if necessary front or rear, in high traction conditions. There are also small bridge braces in the front and rear, which can be cut to provide additional flex options.

Our SlimFlex Topdeck range has been tested on asphalt, ETS Carpet and CRC Black Carpet with great success on all surfaces. Our drivers reported the topdeck making the easier to drive and more consistent, with increased corner speed, and in the end, faster lap-times compared to standard parts.

Available in 2mm and 1.6mm variants, please refer to the chart in the pictures to select the most suitable option for your track!


1x SlimFlex Front Topdeck (1.6mm)

1x SlimFlex Rear Topdeck (1.6mm)

2x Topdeck Motormount Screws (RCM-TMS - available separately here)