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Ultra-Lite 7075 Alu Aligned Droop Block Set for 1/10th Onroad (10mm)

Introducing another staple in our line of setup tools, aligned droop blocks!

We took everything we didn't like about conventional droop blocks, and created the ultimate pair of droop blocks for your pit bench! 

The unique shape of the blocks means that the contact patch of the blocks to your setup board and chassis is minimal, preventing imperfections in each surface from effecting your droop reading.

One major feature of these droop blocks is the ability to fix the distance between them, and keep them square to each-other! When you place normal droop blocks down, they're always in a different spot and always on some angle and not square to the chassis.

Our Aligned droop blocks fix this problem, you can set the distance of the blocks and tighten the set screw on the blocks along the included titanium coated shaft. This keeps them in the same position all day, ensuring you can repeatedly put your droop blocks in the same position on the car and make sure they're square to each-other. When done for the day, loosen the set screws and disassemble down flat.

The droop blocks are machined from U.S Grade 7075 Alloy, and are extremely lightweight and strong. They feature black anodizing with silver chamfered edges, as well as a laser engraved RC MAKER logo.

Pair with our new Octagon Droop Gauge for the ultimate droop station! 


  • 2x UltraLite 7075 Droop Blocks
  • 1x M3 Ti-Ni Coated Shaft
  • 2x M3x3 Grub Screws